Professional Word Processing competition

What is new?


The basic document(s) will be delivered only in RTF-format. You can check if you can handle RTF-files by opening the sample document below:


All needed documents will be delivered as one ZIP-file. You can check if you can handle and extract ZIP-files with the sample file below:


For the first time, the competition is split into a basic section (80 % of the points) and an advanced section (20 % of the points).

You can compare the basic section with the total competition in the past years. Extra skills that you need in the advanced section might be:

  • the merging of variable external graphic files into documents;
  • the automation of simple repetitive tasks within a document by macros or scripts.

Short samples of the skills needed in the advanced section

Macro - Loop until the end of the document

Macro - Loop until search string not found anymore

Mailmerge with external graphic files


With the new approach and calculation it will not be more difficult to be successful in the competition. Only for the best competitors, ending above 80% in the past, it will be more challenging to get the points above 80% as total result.

Final points are the greater of the following two calculations:

  • sum of earned points of the basic and advanced sections;
  • the earned points of the basic section multiplied by 1,25, unless this calculated result would be greater than 80; in that case, the final score is capped at 80 plus the smallest value either the excess calculated value of the basic section or the earned points of the advance section.

The final score will never be higher than the score in % of the basic section.

The screencast below explains how the points are calculated. (Don't hesitate to increase the speed of play back).

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